DryBell Vibe Machine V2 Review


Basically it’s identical to the Vibe Machine V1, but Grey and with an extra switch position.


The toggle switch gives you 3 sound modes:

  • UP = Custom: You can adjust this sound with the trimpots on the left side.
  • MIDDLE = Bright: ideal for smaller amps and for certain pedal chains
  • DOWN = Original: the classic tone of the original Uni-Vibe with a typical dark flavour.

Before this, I tried the MXR Univibe JHM3 and the Fulltone Deja Vibe 2: I must say only the Vibe Machine made me feel that tridimensional sound I expected from a Uni-Vibe. Let’s remember that the Uni-Vibe was invented while trying to create a rotary speaker simulator!


Standard 9V DC center-negative plug (Boss type).
It has NO battery clip.


Here’s the settings I used for the demo (click to zoom)


For the demo I used the SM-57 + Scarlett Focusrite 2i2

  • Comp
  • Vibe
  • Muff
  • Drive
  • Delay

Pedals used for the demo:

  • Boss CS-3
  • DryBell Vibe Machine V2 (of course)
  • Nano Bass Big Muff
  • Boss BD-2W (C Mode) – Low Drive as Booster
  • Nova Delay (Digital 440ms)