Rattle that lock MIDI and TAB!

Yes people! Everyhing is possible!
I did some research on the web, and it seems no GP tab for “Rattle that lock” exists!

Well well, I’m doing it!

Thanks to the free software Tux Guitar, I’ll bring soon many TABS!
Hear a little demo, converted in soundfont (Thanks to http://solmire.com/)
and the preview of the final solo from the player below.

UPDATE 04/10/2016

I finished it! It took several hours to finish, but it worths the effort! Awesome!

You can run the demo over the original (extended) song and they’ll go simultaneously!!

UPDATE 25/10/2016

A few days ago I completed also “Faces of stone” first and second solos!

I’m also working on “Comfortably numb” live “Delicate sound of thunder”, it will be ready soon!

You can listen to the midi soundfont previews at the bottom of the page!

  1. Rattle that lock - First Solo 0:53
  2. Rattle that lock - Final Solo 2:51
  3. In any tongue 1:52
  4. Faces of stone (both solos) Tony Samperi 2:10
  5. Comfortably (live Delicate sound..) Tony Samperi 2:37
  6. Poles apart (live PULSE) 2:38
  7. Another brick in the wall (PULSE) 1:27
  8. Time (Live Delicate sound of thunder) 1:36
  9. Shine on you crazy diamond (Parts 2 to 7)

Ready tabs

  • Rattle that lock (Extended cut)
    Rattle that lock Deluxe
  • Faces of stone
    Rattle that lock
  • Coming back to life