Nasvhille in “In any tongue”

As a Gilmour fan I was aware of the Polish Live he did in June 2016, so I got an audio stream of the concert.
It was surprising when I listened to “In any tongue” for 2 reasons:

  • I noticed a nashville guitar, which made me think to “Hey you”
  • They made a clear reference to “On the turning away” in a couple points

If you listen carefully to the disc version of the song, you’ll hear the nashville is also there, so it wasn’t a live feature.

Tuning the nashville

Since this song starts with C minor, it was almost impossibile to use the same tuning as “Hey you”.
Instead of tuning the guitar 1 tone under the original, they thought the problem was in the first and last string.
So the trick is to set them 1/2 tone under.

ORIGINAL: E – B – G – D – A – E
IN ANY TONGUE: Eb – B – G – D – A – Eb

Here’s a little audio demo

  1. Nashville Solo 1:15
  2. Nashville Mixed 1:15

And here’s a video tutorial