Callaham Tremolo Arm

Although every hope was near to be lost, surprise! I received the Callaham tremolo arm!

I placed the order on the 17th of October from here Charlie Chandler’s Guitar Experience

I had some issues with this website for 2 reasons:

  • First: the registration on the site is broken, but I didn’t notice immediately, because I did the checkout with PayPal. I only tried as soon as I received an e-mail saying my order was updated with a shipping ID (which wasn’t any tracking code). Only if you’re logged you can see the status of the order and the shipping tracking code
  • Second: I tried to e-mail the good Charlie, but he never answered, not even after I desputed the transaction from PayPal

Anyway it seems to have worked out for the better!

How it works

It gives you the right feeling when waving and you have more control than a standard arm, because it requires more strength to bend.

It fits both the Classic ’50 MIM and the 1991 strat. Both the guitar have their original bridge.

It also remains closer to the hand when left alone. So it solved my issue!